Red Deer Club

The small label began its initial humble incarnation as a live music night in a popular vegetarian cafe in South Manchester. The night’s founder Mr. Duncan Sime built the night and later the label on an ethos solely based on a love of music. Embracing the popular culture known at the time as ‘new folk’, he quickly developed the monthly night into a flagship for the current scene in Manchester.

Having documented the first few years of this massively celebrated emerging scene through a series of live recordings, a collection of compilations was released, all constructed on a non-profit basis under the moniker Red Deer Club.

The Red Deer Club soon blossomed into a fully-fledged record label, flying the flag for Manchester and beyond with artists far transgressing the night’s latter genre ties and returning to Duncan’s initial proviso – loving music. 2013 and beyond sees the label celebrate with it’s fortieth release, some exciting new signings and much more in the works.


"The output is different and rightfully revered, largely given voice to a range of artists that may otherwise have gone unheralded. It’s a landscape that will always attract the dreamers, but very few can claim to have followed their aspirations with quite the dedication Sime himself has - Pigeon Post"

"Showcased some of Manchester's finest new talents - Chris Long BBC Manchester"

"Manchester is notoriously blessed with new music, and right at the heart of that is Red Deer Club - Amazing Radio"

"What's a Red Deer Club anyway? - Northern Uproar"