Red Deer Club

May 2012

Volume 5 – sleevenotes


Dec 2009

Animal Masked Ball – Manchester Evening News

"A mini Manc music empire"

Dec 2008

Christmas Knees Up – Manchester Evening News

"Red Deer Club have always been a musical family who've made us feel welcome on account of their good humour, familial warmth and, most of all, impeccable entertainment"

Aug 2008

RDC at The Green Man Festival – South Manchester Reporter

"South Manchester is well represented at the annual Welsh folkfest, the Greenman Festival, not least by Withington's Red Deer record lable, who will be taking three of their bands to the Brecon Beacons"

May 2008

New Folk Family Tree – Word Magazine

A lovely little feature on the New Folk Family tree - sighting Red Deer Club as the 'Manchester Hub' of the new folk scene in the UK

Apr 2008

Third Birthday Preview – Metro Newspaper

"If Manchester really is the 'cool folk capital of Britain' (or so claim trendy broadsheet newspaper articles), the Red Deer Club has played a mightily important part in making that happen."

May 2006

Birthday Feature – Guardian Guide

Marc Rowlands features the label in the 'Club Section'

Songs For Walter

Oct 2013

City Life / Soundbreakers

City Life / Soundbreakers - by Michelle Lloyd

Jun 2012

Manchester Evening News – Interview

"A very under-stated, hype-shunning personality"

Jun 2012

Metro – Gig preview

"A lo-fi folk-pop soundscape"